Featured Product - Quinoa, white 500g


Quinoa is by its nature gluten-free, high in energy and a source of complete protein. This grain-like crop has a light, fluffy texture and a mild, slightly nutty flavour when cooked.
Psyllium Husks 150g
Buckwheat, dehusked (kasha) 500g
Digestive Bran 500g
Oats Quick Gluten Free 500g
Millet, dehusked 500g
Oat Bran 500g
Oats, rolled 1Kg
Oats, rolled 500g
Oats, rolled, gluten free 500g
Oats, rolled, organic 500g
Psyllium Husks 350g
Puffed Brown Rice 100g
Quinoa, red 500g
Red & White Quinoa 500g
Rice, brown, short grain, organic 500g
Wheat germ 500g
Wholegrain spelt flour 500g
Psyllium husks 550g
Polenta 500g
Gluten-free muesli 500g
Teff grain 500g
Bulgar wheat 500g
Barley flakes, organic 500g
Buckwheat flakes, organic 250g

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