Featured Product - Stevia Liquid (Vanilla Flavoured) 150ml


Sugar alternative.
Purified water, steviol extract (non-nutritive sweetener)(6%), vanilla flavouring, potassium sorbate, citric acid
Featured Product - Xylitol 1kg


Sugar alternative.
These xylitol crystals can be used as a sugar substitute. They are similar in sweetness to sugar.
Xylitol 500g
Stevia Powder 25g
Agave syrup, organic 250ml
Rice syrup, organic 500g
Molasses, blackstrap 500g
Molasses, high test 500g
Stevia Liquid 150ml
Stevia, tablets 15g (300)
Stevia tablets 5g (100)
Xylitol 1.5kg
Xylitol 250g
Xylitol 5g Sachets (Pack of 30)
Erythritol & stevia blend 400g
Erythritol & stevia blend 700g

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