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  Title     Product Code  
Buckwheat, dehusked (kasha) 500g Buckwheat, dehusked (kasha) 500g R46.95 G034

Digestive Bran 500g Digestive Bran 500g R19.95 G011

Millet, dehusked 500g Millet, dehusked 500g R28.95 G017

Oat Bran 500g Oat Bran 500g R39.95 G022

Oats, rolled 1Kg Oats, rolled 1Kg R50.95 G025

Oats, rolled 500g Oats, rolled 500g R26.95 G024

Oats, rolled, gluten free 500g Oats, rolled, gluten free 500g R68.95 G040

Oats, rolled, organic 500g Oats, rolled, organic 500g R56.95 OG10

Psyllium husks 150g Psyllium husks 150g R60.95 B036

Psyllium Husks 350g Psyllium Husks 350g R135.95 B043

Puffed Brown Rice 100g Puffed Brown Rice 100g R31.95 G042

Quinoa, red 500g Quinoa, red 500g R97.95 F042

Quinoa, white 500g Quinoa, white 500g R97.95 F041

Red & White Quinoa 500g Red & White Quinoa 500g R121.95 F043

Rice, brown, short grain, organic 500g Rice, brown, short grain, organic 500g R71.95 OG25

Wheat Germ 500g Wheat Germ 500g R22.95 G030

Psyllium Husks 550g Psyllium Husks 550g R195.00 B044

Polenta 500g Polenta 500g R19.00 G027

Bulgar wheat 500g Bulgar wheat 500g R35.95 G008

Barley flakes, organic 500g Barley flakes, organic 500g R65.95 OG01

Buckwheat flakes, organic 250g Buckwheat flakes, organic 250g R52.95 OG02

Polenta 500g **NEW SOURCE, GMO-FREE** Polenta 500g **NEW SOURCE, GMO-FREE** R24.95 G027

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