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  Title     Product Code  
Almonds, raw 250g Almonds, raw 250g R115.95 N012

Cashews & Cranberries 100g Cashews & Cranberries 100g R36.95 M352

Cranberries 150g Cranberries 150g R44.95 DF21

Linseeds, brown 500g Linseeds, brown 500g R35.95 S008

Munch Pack (peanuts, raisins, sunflower seeds,coconut)  250g Munch Pack (peanuts, raisins, sunflower seeds,coconut) 250g R28.95 M019

Peanuts, raw 250g Peanuts, raw 250g R29.95 L014

Poppy Seeds 100g Poppy Seeds 100g R18.95 S009

Raisins, seedless 250g Raisins, seedless 250g R26.95 DF12

Sesame Seeds, dehusked (hulled) 250g Sesame Seeds, dehusked (hulled) 250g R36.95 S014

Sunflower Seeds 250g Sunflower Seeds 250g R23.95 S017

Sunflower Seeds 500g Sunflower Seeds 500g R41.95 S016

Ultimate Seed Mix 250g Ultimate Seed Mix 250g R30.95 S018

Ultimate Seed Mix 500g Ultimate Seed Mix 500g R58.95 S020

Dates, pitted 500g Dates, pitted 500g R44.95 DF05

Dates, pitted 250g Dates, pitted 250g R22.95 DF22

Alfalfa seeds 100g Alfalfa seeds 100g R47.95 S001

Linseeds, golden, organic  250g Linseeds, golden, organic 250g R46.95 OS02

Raisins & Cranberries 100g Raisins & Cranberries 100g R20.95 M359

Pumpkin seeds 200g Pumpkin seeds 200g R54.95

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