Seeds, Dried Fruit and Snacks
Featured Product - Ultimate Seed Mix 500g


Seeds are by their nature high in energy, protein and fibre. This original seed mix is a combination of brown linseeds, dehusked sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.
Brown linseeds (42%), dehusked sesame seeds (21%), sunflower seeds (21%), pumpkin seeds (16%).
Cranberries 150g
Almonds, raw 250g
Cashews & cranberries 100g
Linseeds, brown 500g
Munch pack (peanuts, raisins, sunflower seeds) 250g
Peanuts, raw 250gm
Poppy seeds 100g
Pumpkin seeds 200g
Dates, pitted 250g
Raisins, seedless 250g
Goji berries 250g
Sesame seeds, dehusked (hulled) 250g
Sunflower seeds 250g
Sunflower seeds 500g
Raisins & Cranberries 100g
Ultimate Seed Mix 250g
Alfalfa seeds 100g
Linseeds, golden, organic 250g
Dates, pitted 500g

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