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Gluten-free Quick Oats 500g
Oats are by their nature high in fibre and sodium-free. Gluten-free oat kernels have been chopped and then rolled to produce these quick cooking oat flakes which have a fine texture.


Seed & Nut Muesli 300g
Gluten free wholegrain muesli made with sunflower seeds, linseeds, sesame seeds and cashew pieces.
Gluten-free rolled oats, sunflower seeds (16%), raisins, linseeds (9%), hulled sesame seeds (4%), cashew pieces (4%).


Cacao Chia Oats 300g
Quick cooking oats with a cacao flavour and creamy texture.
Oats (72%), cacao nibs (8%), chia seeds (8%), flaxseed powder, hemp powder, cacao powder.


Maca Chia Oats 300g
Quick cooking oats with a sweet malty flavour and creamy texture.
Oats (79%), maca powder (7%), chia seeds (6%), flaxseed fowder, almond flour.


Flax & Coconut Porridge 300g
An instant porridge with a nutty flavour and smooth texture.
Coconut flour (40%), flaxseed powder (37%), sunflower seed flour, psyllium husk, Himalayan salt.


Cacao Quinoa Cereal 300g
Luxury cereal made with sprouted red quinoa, cacao,  wholegrains and seeds.
Rolled oats, sprouted red quinoa (9%), sprouted buckwheat, raisins,  cacao nibs (6%), sunflower seeds (6%), puffed brown rice, almond shavings, linseeds, cacao powder.


Sprouted Buckwheat Cereal 300g
Luxury cereal made with sprouted buckwheat, wholegrains and dried fruit.
Rolled oats, sprouted buckwheat (18%), raisins, buckwheat flakes (12%), puffed brown rice, almond shavings, goji berries (5%).


Macadamia Flour 300g
This coarsely ground flour provides a rich, nutty flavour to baked products. It is delicious used in sweet or savoury dishes and is ideal for baking gluten-free muffins, bread, cakes and biscuits.
Ground macadamia nuts (tree nuts).


Macadamia Bread Premix 300g
This convenient flour mix contains naturally gluten-free flours. It makes a delicious loaf with a rich, nutty flavour, moist texture and light golden colour.
Macadamia flour (40%), coconut flour, golden flaxseed powder, xylitol, whey protein powder [whey protein concentrate (98.5%), soya lecithin*(1.5%)], psyllium husks, raising agent, Himalayan salt.


Golden Flaxseed Powder 500g
Golden flaxseeds have been milled to produce this fine powder which has a pleasant nutty flavour. The majority of the oil has been removed before milling which prolongs its shelf life.
Golden flaxseeds.


Quinoa Flour 500g
Quinoa is by its nature gluten-free. This whole grain flour has been produced from quinoa and provides a delicate, nutty flavour and light texture to baked goods.

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